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2012/13 Dress Code
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Monday, July 02, 2012
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School District of DeSoto County

High School Student Dress Code


Dress neatly and in good taste at all times. Dress, grooming, hair color or style, or personal appearance shall not be disruptive of the school program, to pose any danger to any person or property, or to offend standards of modesty or decency generally observed in the community. Specifically, the standards include:

 1.       Apparel or symbols with obscene words, sign, flag, logo or pictures (sexual innuendoes, vulgarity, slurs, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gang symbols, etc.) which are offensive to any specific group or which are identified with gang, secret society, or gothic/cult involvement are not permitted.

 2.   Any gang related paraphernalia or gang symbol tattoo is not allowed. 

3.       Oversized pants, shirts and coats/jackets are not permitted. Pants must be zipped or buttoned and worn at the natural waistline.

“Sagging Law”: Each district school board shall adopt a dress code policy that prohibits a student, while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day, from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or that disrupts the orderly learning environment.

 4.       Hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) are not allowed.

 5.       Dresses, skirts and shorts must be below mid-thigh with no slits above mid-thigh. All shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders. The midriff should not show with arms extended straight up.

 6.   **Professional dress as determined by the administration is acceptable. **

 7.       Students may not wear tights, spandex, or other form-fitting pants, shorts or skirts unless appropriately covered.

 8.       Clothing which is torn, ragged, and/or has holes above the mid-thigh is not allowed.

 9.       Pajamas or bedroom style clothes are prohibited. Blankets are not allowed in school.

 10.    Only clear backpacks, book bags or tote bags are allowed to be carried. Small purses may be carried as long as they are not tote bag sized.

 11.    Shoes must be worn at all times.

 12.    Armbands, wristbands, belts, wallet chains, oversized chains of any size (example: dog chain style necklace, on wallets, etc.), or other items with heavy metal projections are not allowed.

 13.     Caps, hats, headgear, visors, bandanas, colored contact lenses, or sunglasses are not allowed while on campus during the school day or at school functions.

 14.    Jewelry worn in pierced body parts shall be limited to the ear.

 15.    It is prohibited for any student to have his or her hair cut or color worn in such a manner, or colored in such a manner, in an extreme fashion such that administration, within reasonable exercise of his or her own discretion determines it is so distracting or disruptive that is interferes with the orderly educational process. By way of illustration only, and not by way of limitation, examples of unacceptable hair color or style would be extremely garish neon colors, orange, purple, green (or other unnatural colors), color patterns such as plaid or stripes, Mohawk or extremely spiked hair and similarly unusual and distracting hairstyles.

 16.    It is prohibited for a student to wear makeup that is not within the acceptable standards for the school or community such that administration, within the reasonable exercise of his or her discretion determines it is so distracting or disruptive that is interferes with the orderly educational process.

 17.    Cleated shoes, bedroom slippers, and shoes with wheels are not allowed.

 18.    On athletic event days, administratively approved team related gear is allowed.


School administration reserves the right to judge any form of dress that may be appropriate or inappropriate, disruptive, or unsafe for the school environment.

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