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DCHS Tardy Process Update
Posted On:
Monday, March 30, 2015

Tardy Process Update

The new process has been extremely successful thus far. We saw a decrease in the number of detentions from day 1 to day 2, which shows that the students understand the process and the consequences will be enforced.

The number of tardy students during the day between classes has improved greatly. The hallways are virtually clear when the tardy bell rings, which is a vast difference from two weeks ago before we started the new tardy process. This only benefits the teachers and their ability to instruct and students trying to learn.

They one area that still needs to be corrected is when students arrive to school late in the morning without documentation from the parents. If a student arrives to school late without proper documentation from their parents they will receive a lunch detention. We do not want to administer lunch detentions for students that are legitimately late but did not bring documentation in writing. We need proper documentation in writing (not a phone call) when the student arrives to school late to excuse the tardy student.

Thank you to all the students that are getting to class on time and to the parents for communicating these expectations to the students. This new process only helps the student achieve to higher levels!


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