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Course Objectives

 The purpose of this class is to provide monitoring of homework/classwork and to provide additional instruction or reteaching as necessary. Your student will also learn strategies to assist in the classroom.  This class is not a study hall. This course counts as 1.0 elective credit and can be taken every semester. 

* Strategies for acquiring and storing knowledge                                          * Test-taking skills

* Strategies for oral and written expression                                                  * Strategies for problem solving

* Strategies for linking new information with prior knowledge                        * Social skills

* Strategies for building vocabulary and comprehension                                 * Self-awareness

* Strategies for active participation in reading, viewing and listening               * Self-advocacy

* Self-regulated use of comprehension strategies                                           * Self-effacy

* Organization and time management skills                                                * Self-evaluation

* Personal/career planning                                                                        * Independent Performance

** Allowance of time and availability of resource instruction outside of academic courses in order to complete assignments/ projects for those courses