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Assignments - Learning Strategies(Archived)
Power Point Presentation
Due Date: 9/17/2012
Subject: Learning Strategies

Over the next month students will be proof reading and editing their power point presentations.  As each Student completes their final product for the Employability Power Point they will be given a presentation date.  On the date of their presentation they will present their power point to the class (It will also be video taped for viewing by the other learning Strategies Class.) I am uploading a presentation rubric for the students to reference for the presentation expectations.

Assignment Image

Employability Skills Power Point
Due Date: 8/23/2012
Subject: Learning Strategies

Student has 3 weeks to create a power point presentation giving information, examples, and strategies for one of the 15 Employability Skills listed in the employability skills power point.  Student's will receive an additional grade for classroom presentation. Student's have received a copy of the rubric for the power point. 


Power Point Must be a minimum of 6 slides long.

Must contain at least 3 graphics (pictures, video links, clip art, animations, etc....)

Must be presented in class.