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Band Commitment Contract

Band Membership Commitment Contract



It is important that each member and member’s parent or guardian understands that their participation in the Blazing Blue Band is important and mandatory for a positive band experience. Should a student choose not to attend a function, it can have negative results costing the entire band points at contest such as MPA as well as creating a difficult situation for those students who may have to “fill” the hole.

The director, staff and students understand that there may be times that an absence is unavoidable. However, by signing this agreement the students and their parent/guardian state that they will make every attempt possible not to miss performances and practices. “No-shows” for band camp creates a problem for the entire band. The director works over the summer to create the marching drill for the show with the numbers in May and expects everyone’s participation. When a student quits mid-season, the other students must have each and every set re-taught to them. This creates a slowdown in progress and fails to promote a collective effort. If there are tomes that a student MUST miss, a note from the parents or guardians is expected prior to the absence if possible. If the student wants to march, the commitment must be made prior to summer.

At the end of the summer we have band camp. This camp is where we learn our drill and music. Missing this camp could result in pushing the band behind up to two weeks. Attendance is Mandatory for camp unless otherwise approved. No exceptions will be made.

I understand the obligations as a band member in the Desoto County High School Blazing Blue Band Program. By signing this form I am committing myself as a student to attend all camps, rehearsals, performances, and events which the band participates in during the entire school year, and agrees to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the band handbook, expectation sheet, and DCHS and DCSB Code of Conduct to the best of my abilities.

As a parent/guardian of a member of the Desoto County Band Program, I sign this form with the understanding that all camps, rehearsals, performances, and assigned events are mandatory and will make every effort to ensure my child will attend all functions. I also understand a failure to commitment means that my child’s grade may be lowered for missing dates and may be recommended for a removal from the program at the director’s discretion.


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