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Scholarship Packets & Information


Republican Executive Committee Scholarship: Must be a registered Republican; Complete the general application, and write a 500-word essay on What does it mean to be a Republican?


Democratic Executive Committee Scholarship: Must be a registered Democrat; Complete the general application, and write a 500-word essay : What does it mean to be a Democrat?

Bucky Waldron Scholarship
Complete the general application.
Include an essay describing what kind of law would you practice today and why.
Application deadline is April 19, 2022
The Wilhelmina Foundation announces that applications are being accepted for the 2022 Textbook Scholarship. The Wilhelmina Foundation is dedicated to offering assistance every year to Florida high school students attending college, and you can read more about our foundation at Attached is an application that can be shared with your graduating seniors. Should you have any questions regarding this application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you from the Wilhelmina Foundation Textbook Scholarship team.
For the past two decades, TPG Cultural Exchange’s international teachers have worked with thousands of students. Our teachers have shared their cultures and in return, have learned a great deal from their students and host communities. 
In an effort to recognize the support our host schools have provided TPG’s J-1 teachers, and to further the public diplomacy that is the ultimate goal of this exchange program, TPG Cultural Exchange would like to provide selected host school principals with scholarship funds for their students. Our goal is for students to use the scholarship funds to pursue studies that promote mutual understanding, diversity, inclusion, and representation. Students could pursue language study, cover application fees for higher education, purchase textbooks, or use the funds in other ways that allow them to continue studying in a diverse cultural context. 
TPG’s goal will provide individual students with $250-$500 for scholarships to be awarded in the spring. We would like to work with high schools that have visiting teachers and focus on the rising junior and/or current senior class. Each school will be awarded 2 scholarships. 
Traditionally, our scholarships have required students to write a written response. However, this year we also want to encourage students to multimedia to answer one of the prompts. Written prompts can be up to 300 words. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. Students can upload their response  on the TPG application form
Essay option 1: What does global citizenship mean to you? 
Essay option 2: Describe how an international teacher has influenced your education. 
Student responses will be reviewed based on the 4 TPG rubric categories: Storytelling ability, Grammar & Spelling, Focus on Theme & Organization. 
Please contact Kadiah Kamara, our Program Officer, at [email protected] for more information.